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Gate Company

Gate Company

We can provide many different services to meet the needs of our customers, and we work hard with each and every job we undertake. We strive for excellence here at Gate Repair Santa Clarita, and we want your experience with our company to be one that you won’t soon forget. Let our professionals be your professionals!

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Residential Gate

Residential Gate

It should set new standards for the quality of work expected from a company who provides gate services. You deserve a gate company like that to take care of all your residential gate related needs. There is such a company that meets all of those requirements, and that one company is Gate Repair Santa Clarita.

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Sliding Gate

Sliding Gate

Our swing gate services are already well known in Santa Clarita. While many residents still stick to this traditional gate type for its elegant way of operating and for the image it conveys to the property, other people are more eager about the sliding type. Our sliding gate Santa Clarita service is gaining popularity fast.

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Swinging Wooden Gates – How To Properly Construct Them

11/04/2013 Back To Blog

The material used for building today's gates and fences come in a wide array of choices. You can use wood, wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel and even plastic. But despite the availability for more modern materials, more people still root for the classic and traditional look and feel provided by wooden residential gate openers.

Here are a number of helpful ideas on how to build a simple swinging wooden gate:

1. How Tall and Wide Do You Want The Wooden Gate to Be?

When conducting new gate installation, first decide how wide and tall your new residential sliding wooden gate would be. In general, wooden gates should have the same dimensions as the existing fence, and must have the same style or look too.

2. Setting up The Post Holes

• The next gate opener installation step would be to set up the post holes. For homes with existing fences, the homeowner could dig a 2 x 2 feet hole, and make sure that the holes just below the frost line, so that it will be truly stable. 

• Next, mix soil and cement, and adjust the posts, as well as ensure that these are fully level. 

• Next, correctly asses the  dimensions between the two posts, and remember that the finished swinging wooden gate should be at least two inches from the ground, to take into consideration uneven soil or grass.  Take note that if the posts are six feet tall, they will need to be a bit shorter than the posts. 

3. Construct the Frame, and Attach the Hinges

• The next step would be to build the gate's frame. Next, add the supporting boards to the sides, and make sure you attach two wood cross pieces, to stabilize the frame. 

• Attach the wood support boards, but make sure they are spaced around half an inch apart so that the structure will be more resistant to the external weather elements.  

• Finally, attach the swing gate hinges. Remember that swinging wooden gates should have hinges on the bottom, and top (as well as the middle part), so that it will be fully stabilized and not sag. 

According to professionals in the business, for better swing gate adjustment, make sure you connect the locking mechanism and hardware on the door or gate's swinging side (so that the door will smoothly close.  Also, make sure every part or component is fully screwed in their proper place.

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