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Gate Company

Gate Company

We can provide many different services to meet the needs of our customers, and we work hard with each and every job we undertake. We strive for excellence here at Gate Repair Santa Clarita, and we want your experience with our company to be one that you won’t soon forget. Let our professionals be your professionals!

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Residential Gate

Residential Gate

It should set new standards for the quality of work expected from a company who provides gate services. You deserve a gate company like that to take care of all your residential gate related needs. There is such a company that meets all of those requirements, and that one company is Gate Repair Santa Clarita.

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Sliding Gate

Sliding Gate

Our swing gate services are already well known in Santa Clarita. While many residents still stick to this traditional gate type for its elegant way of operating and for the image it conveys to the property, other people are more eager about the sliding type. Our sliding gate Santa Clarita service is gaining popularity fast.

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24 hour emergency repairs! The best gate service

Tips always come handy when you are dealing with gate problems. Read down below the best ones and learn what to do when the gate won't open. Find out more about intercoms and keypads and how to lubricate parts.

What to do if your gate won’t open

Often, this will happen at just the wrong time. You’ll be late for something, and your gate won’t open when you push the button on the remote. In this case, don’t panic. Check the obvious things – check the remote’s batteries, check for obstructions in the path of the gate. If these don’t work, manually open the gate and contact Gate Repair Santa Clarita for help.

Intercoms versus keypads

Most automatic gates are installed with a keypad system. The user inputs a code, usually reaching through a car window, and the gate opens simple and easy. But some more advanced systems have an intercom, where a driver can talk to the home’s residents and be either granted admittance or not. These systems are more expensive, but they can be essential if your home receives above-average traffic.

Slide chain lubrication

If you own a driveway gate then it is important to lubricate the slide chain with heavy axle grease once in a year. To prevent the job from getting too messy, pour out the grease on a cloth and cover the chain with this cloth. Make sure that the entire chain is covered and adjust the gate in such a way that the part of the chain hidden inside the operator is also greased.

Get modern openers

Modern residential gate openers are more advanced than older ones and work with rolling codes. Consequently, they provide greater safety. Also the UL 325 guidelines are renewed and openers have more complete safety sensors. They also move the gate faster and are made of higher technology equipment.

Know the basics of driveway gate troubleshooting

Gate repair professionals in Santa Clarita suggest that all homeowners or property managers who have driveway gates need to be acquainted with the basics of driveway gate troubleshooting. While it is possible to call for emergency service for gate repairs, it is still faster being able to do quick troubleshooting especially for very minor problems or defects.

Check the opener battery for corrosion during regular maintenance

Look for signs of rust around the terminals. This is where corrosion usually occurs. This is a serious problem which indicates that the battery will soon be unable to do its job. That is why you should get it replaced without delay. Generally, most batteries last for about a year or two, and should be changed shortly after or preferably before that period is over.

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